Information technology is a link between classical electrical engineering and computer science.

Information technology integrates technical informatics, which deals with inter alia the design, function and interfaces of computers and their organization in networks, and the theoretical computer science that deals with the processing, transmission and reproduction of information by means of abstraction, modelling and structuring technical computer science.

For us, information technology is the:

  • Conception
  • Development
  • Optimization
  • Installation
  • Administration
  • Maintenance



  • Software, systems & applications
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Management
  • Office area



It is our expertise which makes it possible to place data from different systems in relation and to extract added value from it.

Our expertise enables us to always offer a solution to your problem.

You decide whether ready-made solutions can be configured to meet your needs or a completely newly developed and customized solution is right for you.


Systems & Applications


Databases and programming languages